About Ventry

We would like everyone to have “Good sleep… Good Health”

Ventry started from the invention of Professor Emeritus Charoen Chotigavanich, a prominent orthopedic spine surgeon and President of Asia Pacific Orthopedic Association (AOPA) from 2012-2014. After treating countless patients with back and neck pain, in 1982 Professor Charoen had filed a patent on the first design of neck support pillows, which later became the origin of Ventry pillow product line. During the product development, he tried on many material types and finally concluded that latex foam was the best material because of its natural properties of anti-dust mite, excellent elasticity and durability. Since then, Ventry has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of 100% natural latex foam pillows and mattresses with more than 30 years of experience in orthopedics product design.

From our philosophy “Good sleep… Good Health”, at Ventry, our innovation engines never stop as we seek perfection for our customers’ sleep experience. With health benefits of our customers in mind, we heavily invest in research and development to ensure product improvement. Starting from refined manufacturing processes: raw material selection, latex screening, fabric sourcing, sewing, and finishing together with our professional Ventry staff, we strive to achieve the best product quality as well as customers’ satisfaction. Our Silpro Technology product line offers hyper-allergenic customers with a healthy choice unmatched by any other mattress brands. Ventry products help solve sleep problems such as backache, relief of muscle tension especially at neck, shoulder, and back. Our “Sleep Lab” in Bangkok offers customers unparalleled service of analyzing our customers’ sleep pattern with state-of-the-art technology. At Ventry, we aim to combine cutting-edge technology with natural raw material of latex to provide our customers with the utmost comfort sleep through every night.

Management Message

Dr.Charoen Chotigavanich

Managing Director

At Ventry, our innovation engines never stop. We heavily invest in research and development to ensure our continuous product improvement. Our “Sleep Lab” in Bangkok offers customers unparalleled service of analyzing customers’ sleep pattern with state-of-the-art technology. We would like everyone to have “Good Sleep… Good Health”.

Product Development

Ventry Natural Latex Foam

Having been through rigorous research and development processes, all of Ventry Latex pillows and mattresses are carefully designed with meticulous care combined with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology from Europe to achieve to the best quality products. As we believe that sleeping is not only a resting routine of the body but also the rejuvenating vacation of the mind. Nature is the best therapy so we make sure that our manufacturing processes follow eco-friendly methodology. We pride ourselves on being perfectionists so that our customers can have a piece of mind when using our finished products.


The para rubber trees were initially grown in South America but later made their way to South Asia and South East Asia in late 19th century. Currently, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia account for 72% of the world latex production from rubber trees. As Ventry is located at the source of the world’s latex production, our customers can be assured that our latex foam is made from the best source in the world. We scrutinize every latex lot to ensure rubber consistency before passing it to our manufacturing plant.


Latex foam mattresses have been around for more than 60 years and are proven to be the healthiest and most eco-friendly available. Suitable for hyper-allergenic people, latex foam mattresses have many unique properties which are far superior to any traditional mattresses made from spring coils, cottons, or coconut fiber.


Anti-Dust Mites and Microbes In 1967, R.A. Kubista published a research paper which proved that latex foam had the property of deterring the growth of bacteria. Subsequent experiments also showed that dust-mites, fungus, and mildew could not survive and reproduce in the micro cells of latex foam mattresses and pillows. So, latex foam is suitable for customers with hyper-allergenic condition and people who are looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Superior Elasticity and Ventilation System through Micro-Cell Structure During the vulcanization process of the latex foam, billions of unique micro-cell structures are formed within the texture of the latex foam. These micro-cells provide exceptional support and outstanding elasticity properties for the latex foam mattresses. Also, good air permeation through the micro-cells provides ventilation. This natural ventilation system results in automatic temperature adjustment during sleep, keeping the mattress cool during a hot night but warm during a freezing winter.

Customizable into Unique Shapes and Softness Unlike traditional Bonnel spring and pocket-spring mattresses, latex foam can be cut, folded, bent, and shaped into any forms that fit the physical requirements of the customers. For example, latex foam mattress can be cut into a round shape for a round bed frame. With superior elasticity of the latex foam, the customized mattress is durable and can retain its shape without any external support.

Movement Separation System Each region of the latex foam mattress provides its own support through the micro-cell structure. The mattress does not have conjoined iron spring like the Bonnel bed. Therefore, customers can be assured that the movement during sleep of a person will not affect his/her partner on the other side of the mattress.

Hygienic and Eco-Friendly Latex pillows and mattresses from Ventry are made from 100% natural rubber and therefore safe for sensitive skin. Unlike traditional spring mattresses, ours do not contain magnetic agents, such as iron, which may interfere with the body. Our customers can rest assured that every Ventry product offer authentic natural therapy for the best quality sleep.

Durable Since latex foam prevents the growth of bacteria and microbes, there is no organism to destroy the internal structure of the foam. Therefore, our latex mattresses and pillows can last a very long time. With proper maintainance, latex foam mattresses and pillows can last up to 15 years.