Guide to Spot Fake Ventry Products

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their trust in the quality of Ventry products. Recently, there have been many attempts to fake Ventry pillows and mattresses. If you are doubtful whether your product is genuine Ventry, please follow this guideline to help verify authenticity.

  1. Official Ventry website is at

    The and and and and are FAKE website.

    Fake Ventry Site
    Fake Ventry Site
  2. Look for the following security sticker on Ventry products and verify at

    Step 2 Image 1
  3. The following certificates are FAKE. They are NOT authorized from Ventry Thailand and their products are NOT from Thailand.

    Fake Certificate
    Fake Certificate
  4. Ventry pillows and mattresses are made from 100% natural latex rubber. 100% natural latex rubber is shown in the left picture. Picture on the right is NON-100% natural latex rubber. You can observe that the NON-100% natural latex rubber will be shinning when look under light. These shinning spots are caused by reflection from plastic substance that is mixed with the foam during the production. The plastic substance is made from petroleum and can cause severe allergies to sensitive people.

    Step 2 Image 1

    Athentic genuine Ventry pillows made from 100 % natural latex rubber.

    Step 2 Image 1

    Fake Ventry pillows made from non-100% natural latex rubber has shinning spots that can easily be seen in this photo.

  5. Genuine Ventry PT3 Knobby Pillows have foam injection hole in the middle. Fake Ventry PT3 Knobby Pillows have holes on the side.

    Genuine Ventry PT3 Knobby
    Fake Ventry PT3 Knobby
  6. The following pillows are fake Ventry. We do not sell blue doll pillows.

    Step 2 Image 1
    Step 2 Image 1
  7. Our doll and neck support pillows have Ventry tag with QR code INSIDE the cover to avoid scratch.

    Doll Pillow Top
    Doll Pillow Back
  8. All of Ventry products have bar code sticker on the product package.

    Step 2 Image 1
  9. We issue dealer certificates to our partners.