Our Testimonials

  • Doctor Thita Sittawakul, Dermatologist, M.D.

    While I was carrying Prim, we were planning to provide her with the best quality of life. So, when she was born, we picked Ventry baby set for Prim. Because of its latex foam, Ventry and Monee products are perfect for babies who are quite sensitive on microbes and microorganism. Ventry’s rounded head pillow will ensure that Prim’s head will not be compressed which could affect her brain development. The cover of Ventry baby set is also made from special cloth which is suitable for children according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Ventry gives us a peace of mind in our family.

  • Wannit Samaritwanicha, Entrepreneur and Business Owner

    Our family members have used both Ventry products from T.S. Gen and we are very happy with our improving quality of lives. Ventry mattresses have help our family have good sleep and become healthier. And recently, with the introduction of Monee product lines, we are further assured that T.S. Gen will provide us with better quality and better lives.

  • Daniel Benz, Director

    I used to sleep on a micro-fiber pillow before because I thought the pillow was similar to those used in hotels around the world. Until recently when a friend of mine introduced me to Monee latex pillows that I changed my mind about pillows. Sleeping on a Monee pillows is an eye-opening experience for me. I never used a latex pillow before and I thought this Monee pillow was different. Although it was not as fluffy as micro-fiber, but it was firm enough to support my head and neck. After a few nights with my Monee pillow, I can truly say I have my new favorite pillows now.

  • Pannakan Suttivattanaroj, Former Marketing Executive and House Wife

    I bought Ventry mattress several years ago because of a friend’s recommendation, and I never regretted using the product. Ventry mattress proves to be a firm mattress which provides excellent support for my back. It has been my favorite piece of furniture ever since. So, when I had my first baby, I decided to pick the best for him, and Ventry kid’s product line was my first choice. Ventry baby pillows are made from latex foam which reduces allergy from dust-mite and fungus. I would recommend Ventry to all the mothers-to-be.